Arkke : Yggdrassillium prequal

The yggdrassillium bound the illium , to the Arkke in the darkly dark ,

rooticle slavers.. cable graders , creepsy crawling in the ink.
Aether watcher , three eyed nobles , caste corrupted corpse to rot,

Spire above the worthless cretins, maske my beauteous emperors soul.

Brawling , mauling , meaty , miner, eyeing spied the archeotek.

Sunken sumpcrust pitslaves digger ..wanders itinerant without rest.

Follow me my fellow frigates , full of faith yet black of heart ..tis the journey of no end.

Steersman , guide the lost to our salvation , toll the bell when all is done.

Come whence thee haggety hag into the ship now we must gun.. I have a vision of our future,

wyrdly weird with blood red tree , fruiting skulls and thick black cables .

The bandaged prophet holds the answer to my question.. I have three..!

Ruptured spleen and torn asunder,
eyes a gouge and heart a stop ,

The Auger scraped her index finger through the innards of its gizzard .

Stymphalian birds can show the way, sinister left and the pandoricalle is right..

End is nigh when five collide .. prophetic blood that drips with truth,

Close the gates and shun the pilgrims, guild the vates we need protection . I spy trouble this way 

Hey folks I finished the Yggrassilium board  well tbh I see it as a work in progress , this is a good start though. lots to chat about regarding that , but first I would like to mention that this board wouldn't exist if it were not for the inspiration that came from the bruticus necromunda blog on dakka  .. also finished the Illium family cult, which is good because i had to game with them on Saturday at Warhammer world ;-)

Five amazing gangs came together to play over the Yggdrasillium board and really brought it to life..

I don't really know where to start a blog about the day ..  which was rather special.. but when in doubt start at the beginning...

about three months back PDH  the inimitable John Blanche and Myself  Rise of the magi and Fulgrim
arranged a game of necromunda .. not just any game mind you a game set within the foetid imaginings of the dark scribe Blanche .. a potential new painting  of his . An Arkke  ships adrift in the warp..besieged gellerfields crumbling under the strain of chaos.. its inhabitants a collection of ragtag souls from a multitude of different races and lost ships brought together by the will of the gods.. a grimdark necromunda where anything goes .. akin to the warhammer  olde world.. where we could set our imagination free from existing ideas rules and doctrines .. a hobbyist dream .. make what you will
and lets have some fun...

with our imaginations set free .. we burst into a frenzy of work...stories were wrote ..myths brought together to form new myths ..ideas  were bounced back and fourth .. dreams became a reality and then. dissolved back into myth..

 PDH's encyclopaedic knowledge of 40k rulesytems thankfully held everything in check and made sure we didn't fall  of the edge of reality into the  chaotic abyss

Bilgepumps spouted sump ice into the void  whilst cheese rearing maggot farmers vowed revenge on slavers ..

The darkly dark scribe   set about his task .. a fluid thing .. building a gang to Peters recommended 1400pts system inspired by the work of Migsula and the Jade vessel.

The Ghost Ship

Hark thee laddy and listen well .. I have story to be told …

The old baggywrinkle. Adjusted his retaining straps and blew a thick smog from his bar pipe..

come closer boy..

I saw her from the port side docks.. a young man then with both legs, The captain had ordered the caulkers after a broadside battering.. the dockers were hard at it sparks flying as the plasteel was welded into place . I had grabbed my void suit and was magboot ready for the hull..pistons hissed as the heavy door revolved .. ancient arc welder over my padded shoulder.. my relic visor fogged like see fret..

the bulkhead hissed close...and I was alone .. The black of it dawns on you like fear.. alone not a star .. just the shimmering flicker of the gellar field ..

I don’t know why I liked it out here so much .. The ships commissar had expunged my thoughts many times with all void side Aether Caulkers .. and if it wasn’t the buffers job to make us suffer enough, then the Priests would have us hold vigil afterwards..

and the dangers .. the soul may be protected by the emperor but my arse is owned by this suit!
One rupture and its ...Se la vie !

The gloved hand could scratch the glass if you rubbed too hard .. but the ice crystals had formed already..

I dusted them off gently , and there she was.. a fleeting glimpse.. awash in the eddies and currents
or the Empyrean .. gently banking away into the ink.. grapple hooks as large as freighters bobbing behind..

Silent …


I had see things out here before , things you don’t mention to the priests or even to your workmates.. so long as the umbilical is there I know I am not lost... but this...

a myriad of lights pinpricks .. countless ships fused into a grotesque monument to the dark powers
asteroids bled into ancient hulks..that clashed with things unknown..

cascades of ice particles formed a shimmering wake . The effluence of a thousand external bilge pumps..

The voice of billion souls form a myriad races echoed as one.

Heart pounding mouth dry ..shock..awe.. wonder..

The stories inspired our work and the darkly dark souls of our mirrormaske came intro being 

Peters Gang evolved into a dark and sinister fallen  crew... his stories the glue we needed to keep on..

Rise of the Magi chose , a nautical theme.. his steersman guiding the true path through the bilge bottom..

Fulgrim's Navigators corrupted  wretched souls bound by vanity and knowledge descended down from the spire into the ink black depths . 

My own family cult the illium , murderous sociopaths entwindled betwitxt the roots of the Yggdrassil tree.. living of feeding tubes and rusty airvents in the decks below there master the Pandoricalle .

Even the mighty Blanche feels the pull..  His sunken sumpcrust pitslaves .. digging for lost tek fell fowl of an Arkke quake a, metaphysical thing where reality collides with unreality and time shifts upwards and backwards and inwards  at once.

the pandoricalle is the keeper of secrets within the Arkke

and all who risk the pilgrimage will be rewarded with foresight. but be warned know thyself.

Much more to say about this stuff but i have to go and do my chores ;-)  had a great day with great friends , saw some stunning minis and pictures ..  ize colts stuff up close and personal and the amazing Julian Baylis Escher gangers, alongside some other stuff i was rather proud of ;-)

thanks for looking

hey folks just a few pics of the scenery in its current state..  ... struggling with the overall layout now as its changed in purpose a few times and my designs haven't really reflected this ..will need some height and walkways which in turn leads to other problems with the zone mortalis set ..not having a roof still trying to figure out placements of the pandoricalle and the tree and weather they should be seperate of together.. lots of ideas just no strong leader ..

still enjoying painting the board though..

wips.. the skulls will form part of a votive souvenir candle gift

Hey folks.. i have been consumed with research into ship breaking yards and trains both model and real especially handcars. i have collected quite a few images and thought i would share some of the better ones .

Ship breaking.

Whilst at uni  a few years ago i came across the work of Edward burtysnksy  and his photographs and film Manufactured Landscapes  I rediscovered his work on the tracing lines blog  

I also found some other great links for this

of all these inspirational pics .. this is my fave.. winner of the national geographic photography awards


So if the ship breaking images were supposed to inspire my rusty floored gameboard and add civilian desperate life struggle feeling .. then trains were there because well who doesn't like trains .

Handcars  velocipedes draisines (o gauge s gauge)  (Its a mine field out there regarding scale and gaming )

inspired by Stalker i spend a few weeks researching handcars and pump wagons.. i wanted a trainline on the board and cart to go on it.. Peco do a range of tracks in a scale suitable for 28mm gaming .. 30/32mm wide " o " gauge track equates to 1/48scale.. i think.. lots of cool tracks and webssites out there dedicated to this scale .. but I decided to cut costs and kitbash old sprue. and use a bulkehead i was kindly given by Rise of the magi along and with a dozer blade from Bruticus to creat my handcar..

One thing i did notice was the amazing work finescale model rail folk do .. and the huge scale of the tracks and scenery the American modellers create . I hoped to tray and capture some of that realism these modellers bring into their hobby ..similar to the traditional  army and navy model  work .

Aye folks just thought I would share some progress on some terrain I am making  for a game skirmish game  set aboard " a ginormous craft , riding the warp storms of the Empyriumme ." ( Using Necromunda  rules )


The network of  sentient ? living organic cable tree roots that bind this section of the ship.. entwindle its residents into a symbiotic reliance on its life sustaining air ,light and water cables .

Yggdrassill Tree

One of many focal points of this vast cable tree network ..  an interface betwixt ship and organics..

worshipped as a god votive offerings are brought forth .. Once alive nutrients are still needed for the tree to continue living. cared for by the monastic Pandoricalle clan with Help from the Illium family cult.


Yggdrassill Prophetic Psyker and spiritual head of the  pandoricalle clan.. Connected to the Yggdrasillium network .. through the Yggdrassill Cable tree.. The Pandoricalle is one of the most influential people on the ship ! all Information gathered by the Yggdrasillium is  accessible to the prophet through a cognitive synapse psychic link..   The prophet interprets the will of Yggdrasill to his clan ..

 whilst being the focal point of many votive pilgrimages .. through out the ship .. the Pandoricalle gives personalised predictions and wise counsel to anyone who can afford the consultation , and survives the treacherous Pilgrimage.

Pandorcialle clan

The monastic clan's primary task is to care for the Yggdrasill cable tree.. and manage the reception of the many pilgrims who undertake the dangerous journey to see the famed pandoricalle.

to this end the Pandorcialle have recruited several  allies .. the " Guilder clan Vates, " who provide food, fuel and protection in return for  trade with the pilgrims ..

The  darkly dark slavers the " Illium " who provide sacrificial Victims for the the Pandoricalle clan's feared pandora boxes.. that feed the cable tree Yggdrassil

The Illium

This murderous family cult.. lives deep in the tangled cable  roots of yggdrasillium .. no air water or light reaches these dark and mutated depths .. And the illium have become adept at appeasing  Yggdrassil , "patching  ancient cables here and inserting tubes there "in return for its life bringing recycled air and water ..

The Ilium are the  family of nightmares.. born in the dark .. vile and mutated.. they abhor outsiders and take any opportunity to kill or kidnap innocent trespassers.  .. The youths are thrown out puberty to fend for themselves and bring back information on new cable routes..

Insular and paranoid They worship the cable roots and the cable tree itself.. and have formed an uneasy alliance with the pandoricalle clan.. to provide sacrificial victims to the dreaded  pandora boxes..

Mutation is rife within the family .. due to the taint of chaos inbreeding and pollution..

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