INQ28 1st Inqvitational The Helios Succession

Event organized By Commissar Molotov

hey folks , sorry this pics took a  while to surface ..

So like other folks my take on the Day will be in two parts .. The first will be my experience of it , and the second will a narrative about Vendrakes encounters ..

So The trip form Leeds to Nottingham went very smoothly , my early 7.34 am train getting there in plenty of time .. at 9.21am a few mins before PDH's train . I have been to Nottingham a few times before ,I hitch-hiked there when I was a teenager and stopped in the local youth hostel, and then gigged there a few times when I was in show business, at the legendary Rock city , and the not so legendary black Lotus ,  but none recently .. so I was keen to see more of the town centre . Unfortunately The timing never really allowed for this  , apart from a a few pints after the event at a pub opposite the train station right on the canal .. which apparently is a nice half an hours walk to Warhammer world from thing I would quite like to do in future.

PDH and I shred a cab to the event. and saw Mol and co entering just before we arrived .

Warhammer world  (My first Impressions)

Now as kid ,I never had that burning desire to go to Warhammer world , I had no money and no armies,

gaming was not the primary draw to the hobby for me There always seemed to be huge crowds of people , and I have never been  too fond of just being a face in the crowd.Saying that I have always wanted to make the pilgrimage as "Fulgrim" puts it  in his blog ,there is something almost holy to us hoary gamers to visit the creationist place of our fantasy selves.

 And thus over the years that desire has peaked , I did originally want to take my kids , but their involvement in my 40k hobby was a passing one. so that phase passed .

It was with mixed emotions I stepped out of that cab into the car park of an industrial estate..

I was here , after all these years.. But not as a Young artist like so longed to be as a kid , nor as a golden demon/ slayer sword winning painter , as many of us dream about. But not quite just as a tourist either..

Molotov's Event is something special , it really is an event a one off, Never have I seen so many fantastic artists come together to create something  so unique within 40k.. The time invested in this event by all involved meant this was never going to be just a regular gaming session. Jacob Rune Nielson has sent over some of his Amazing models to participate, an event in itself . We where expecting some top draw guests and of course the chance to game in itself against some of these Legendary miniatures was a thing,especially since all I go on about , is how I don't ever game ;-)

So as I stood in that car park  past and future expectations reached a pinnacle in my mind , Was this the culmination of two years work , blogging to save my sanity on dakka had led me here , there had already been so many highs over the past twelve months , meeting Peter PDH in real life , Chatting to my Art Idols John Blanche  and tears of Envy Migsula , CM Dante , JRN, It felt like I was at the Oscars about to be awarded my lifetimes times achievement award..    And the Award for gratuitous over egoism in Blogging and 40k goes to

Neil101.....( cue clapping )

" I would like to thank Victor Von domm of dakka dakka, for his continued and unfailing support , when I was playing with catachans in my garden , he lifted me through the jungle with his riveted airship

Monkey troll for being a constant green skinned vigil over my terrible grammar, weety for reminding me why I Love oop minis again and Scarper for breathing  soul into our little plastic/metal/resin men  ,Perkustin for reminding me that the story is where it all begins.

and of course PDH for not taking any of my excuses / bullshit.  and forcing me to constantly up my own expectations of what is possible with paint and patience,  and everyone else  who has taken time to skim read any of my posts and reply and of course Mol for allowing me to be a part of this once in a lifetime event.

I jest but its hard to overestimate (for an agnostic) the spiritual significance   of coming to the birthplace of so many of your dreams and aspirations .. so many years invested in the output of this small group of unassuming commercial; looking buildings..

with all that spinning in my head in the thirty seconds it took to reach the heavy  double doors.

Inside Now dark hallowed staircase  leads up into the dwarven well lit halls . Scenery of every description fills my vision, and once again my head spins a little , Tables so large and breathtaking the internet pictures scarce do them justice .. I spy  white and gold gilded Tolkien halls ,Deserted Tomb king temples , winter Imperial bastions beset by hoards of Pink demons, a drop pod ultramarine graveyard from a failed orbital assault  .. and the largest most glorious Imperial city any denizen would be proud to defend with his life.. Come all ye here and Basque in the most glorious wonders the imperium can offer..  A shop staffed with forge world products , that can be cast to order .. I feel faint.. where is the bar ..

Bugmans is no slouch in the dining department either , a friendly professionally run bar..  what world is this where you can eat pie drink Ale and marvel at the orcs head hanging form a nearby wall ..

OHH glorianna bring on the games...

There are very good descriptions of the games over at ammo bunker , so this will just be an overview of my own games , a detailed in character write up will come later ..

Mol quickly orgamsised the gamers and gms into the first round .

At this point i must again Thank Peter PDH for taking time to write up Vendrake and co , Character sheets on the train journey down. very kind , and if not for this gracious act I doubt I would have  been able to participate in the actual gaming.  

Game 1 ,  Vendrake vs Tybalt  aka Neil101 vs keravin

This was my first game of Inq28 and it was gm'ed by the excellent marcoskoll who did a wonderful job of making me feel like I was a pro.

It was a game of wits , not a single shot fired .. just some psychic shenanigans .. It was a close run game with Tybalt  wining over the  techpriest contact we were arguing over and his ship!! with the help of his techpriest discovering  vital information as leverage over the contact. A wonderful first experience for me , with Keravin being a gracious victor.

fave part the tension that built up whilst arguing our points to the techpriest was tangible , I thought for sure someone would start shooting !

Game 2

 Vendrake Vs Benadice (Neil101 vs PDH) Gm'ed By Dazz1286

I had really hoped to play against Pete, something i had wanted to do for over a year, so very kind of Mol to organise our first match.

Vendrake and Benadice have some history ( Devan Kal Rosber her big brute , was from the same sector as Vendrake Phalanx ( Planet Cydonia ) and under his remit so when  Benadice outed him as a heretic and had him execute his entire Noble family , Vendrake took the ensuing ramifications personally..

This was set on the same map , the wonderfully detailed and characterful  Zone Mortalis board made by the super talented "Old guard"

This time Vendrake was trying to kidnap a scribe that Benadice had recruited to her cause.

Benadice proved a powerfull and scary enemy, her henchmen completely out gunned Vendrakes crew,

A slight twist in the end  nearly swayed the game in Vendrakes favour , his Powerful psychic Voice turning the scribe to him, but it was not to be in the end .. Inqusitrix Benadice proved a worthy adversary and i am sure there will be more to add to this conflict..

best part for me was having Vendrake successfully use the puppet master Psychic ability for the first time, least favourite , having the famorian roll around on the floor and failing to do any damage whatsoever to Petes crusader. ( unsurprisingly )

Game 3

Vendrake Vs Titus Bell (Neil101 vs LittleBrother ) GM'ed by Tychonaut

This was going to be and interesting game , i had gotten used to the how the game played by now which meant I could take off the stabilizers somewhat ..

The game was set in a wondeful wooded area with white temple ruins punctuating the shrub

It was a convince the Magos  ( made by the excellent cerabralerebus ) to join you game ,Vendrake started with the advantage because of his ability at coaxing folks to do his will .. But Titus didn't sit on his laurels, who had scouted the area and lay in wait with sniper support just in case things didn't go his way.  As another Ordo xenos member Vendrake hoped to avoid direct combat , but soon became the target of an ambush , the magos convinced to join him, ran away to the drop ship leaving Vendrakes retinue to cover his retreat.  A real good game and the only one I won , not through my skill but the lack of good dice rolls for Titus . Highlight for me of this game was The duke taking aim at Titus's plasma pistol and nearly shooting it out of his hands when things got hot ..  least fave part, was socrates getting shot at by shotgun and diving behind a statue in shame

The board was a real pleasure to play over and again thanks goes to the gm Kerravin and to oldguard 

Artisan Painting competition 

 The Day thus far had been great , so much to treasure , But now the big guns where out ,, John Blanche had turned up with Tears of Envy and they brought there Absolutely Amazing Warbands with them .. I so wish I had a photo of them to share But alas I don't . Personally i am hoping Some pictures will surface soon of both war bands as they are phenomenal .

Blanchitsu  Awarded best Inquisitor/Inqusitrix To PDH's Benadice , a well deserved winner.

And Best retinue went to The equally Impressive Tybalt's retinue   , again kerravin was a well deserved winner. His wardband had a strong unity that I noticed when I played him him in the first game.

 Game 4 and the Helios succession  Madine Assassination

So then there was the succession and the campaigning .. During the event we where given  Candidates to vote for and polit for ,we had cards with Inquisitional allies to bet upon our games ..

if you won you won your cards back as well as your opponents and maybe a few gm ones. Given out for interesting play.

Even though Vendrake had lost three of the four games he still ended up with thirteen contacts , I think the most out of all players .. this could be because as conservative he waged less than other players  ..?

As an outspoken Amalathian ordo xenos. Madine Has always been his first choice for Cabal leader..

and I was very happy when after a tie with Tybalt , Madine was chosen as the new successor..

My happiness was short lived   though as it was announced that Madine was assassinated during her acceptance speech .. !

After that short lived Victory , My final games took place ..

A tryptych game with Rise of the magi ( Inquisitor Helsmarck, Wladimir Stratos and Khader Atamine.)

Fulgrim ( JRN's stunning Inqusitor Velk ) Vendrake -the famorian and the duke. Gmed by none other the Molotov himself. The game was played out on Pdhs's wonderful necromunda board.

The dastardly Velk was been chased across the board By Vendrake and co   .and was intersected by Helsmarck.

The game got off to a slow start with the ageing Vendrake limping   behind a speedy famorian and an indecisive duke. The famorian surpassed himself with his only connecting hit of the match by flaming Velk as he ducked behind an overhead Bulkhead , before forgetting  he was a snake and couldn't climb ladders lol.:-0

A lacklustre chase form Vendrake and the duke failed to alight the game , and it was only the firefight that Helsmarck started that added any drama, leading Velk to  headshot The inquisitor across the board with his bolt pistol and then make his dashing escape. across a footbridge..

This game cemented the idea to me that Vendrake when played in character is truly not a man of action any more , and snakes cant climb ladders !

As you can see a lot went on in that day , and Fulgrim put it best with " sensory Overload "

so much fun ..I have a few more pics that might go up. but i can honestly say whilst watching the sun set over Sheffield steel works on train journey home this was one of the best days of my life !!



Retinue wips

 Just about done with Vendrakes Retinue , not enough time to finish some models to the standard i wanted , but i ma hapy with the overall result , Think i like the duke the best , or maybe the famorian .

Looking forward to Mol's Inquivitational Event tomorrow.. Had not had chance to learn the rules , so i may be watching  form the sidelines , will post an after event photoshoot . ;-) wish me luck !

A map I made for The inqivitational of The Phrellian sub , which houses PDH,s  Inqusitrix  Benadice, and cohorts and also Phalanx system which houses Praxus and my  very own Inquisitor Vendrake :-)

Just about done with the duke , he proved quite tricky , not used to painting so much detail. Not entirely happy with him , i did enjoy the practice , Gave him a punky looking stripe across his eyes.. a remnant of my plans for the Virago , the Amazonian based on bladerunner's "Pris" , who is not going to make it into this retinue at the moment.   Have to thank The spikey rat boy IzeColt as the skunk hair cut is pretty much inspired by  the " rifle man

Just about finished the famorian Techpriest , Going to add some blood to his arco whips using the tamiya clear red when it arrives. Here is the Inspiration..

blood tutorials


and another

and a finalI painted the beastman model last night, finished him off this morning,  I haven't painted anything since the Tor so this was nice treat, ( always had a soft spot for the 40k beastieboys ) I had picked up some new paints. Some new GW stuff , love the new shades glazes  and the textured base stuff. the white  and red is really good for covering black .

Also tried the P3 range , I fell in love with the gold , such good coverage . Now I am not the best person to ask for advice about paints .. but i like what i saw .

but most impressive of all, was  some opaque rust effect paints from model mate's

Modelmates rust effect opaque

 the red is great .. but they are water and alcohol based , I don't  seal my models so its not problem for me .But it does feel different to most paints i have used , more like an inky wash that you can wipe of with water.. i really like it though  it suits my painting style .

I picked up these by mistake ( I had seen this on End transmissions dakka blog )

I have that on order now , don't think it will be much different to the rusty red opaque though.

I have to say the Aerosols they do look really useful to me ..for making terrain look ..old.

I have been thinking about colour recently , something  don't do enough really , to help me visualise schemes I picked up a load of free Dulux paint guides, from the homebase ,

good way of helping me come up with interesting colour schemes quickly

 picked some good Kolinsky Sable brushes  series 33 size  ( 0- 2/0/ -1 )from Rosemary &Co  cheap and great service ..

recommended by LilLooser on his great painting blog

Bring on the paint ;-)

  1. Aye up folks its been a while .. I had some cool news I have been officially invited to Commissar Molotov's Inqivitational .. This Is great news for me , as I don't game , will be a chance to meet other folks who share my love of the hobby. And as I don't game PDH is very kindly giving me pointers  with regards to weapons and such .. This is the Inquisitor that I will be bringing to the  event  . Still working on the other retinue members , I need five more in total but cant decide on the final two members ..sorry for the ramshackle pics  its all wip at teh moment;-)

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