2nd INQ28 Inqvitational : Prequal to The Requiem of Inqusitrix Madine

the Events and immediate aftermath of the Helios Succession have weighed heavy on Vendrakes mind

 The wily old inquisitor had forsaken much to attend the Conclave meeting . Planet Praxus was in turmoil..a rebellion amongst the Vulgus could erupt at any moment. The weak and failing Imperial governor Xavious Adalaise is at deaths door. Now was not the time to go gallivanting around the Dalthus sector whilst Phalanx System  ( known colloquially as Hydra )  was so unstable. But his commitments to the Ordo came first.. Stability would be ensured if he could guaranteed the election of Inquisitrix Madine.. The trickle of information from his sources in the Border worlds had grown to flood.. the xenos were coming , he was sure of it . The  bitter taint of a wicked Elder invasion could not be allowed to tarnish his illustrious career as the self appointed guardian from without.  No , the stability of Dalthus depends on this election. Emperor forbid a radical should take the seat.. or worse..The recent ramifications from the deposition of Governor Daven Kel-Rosber of Cydonia had already upset the noble families of Phalanx Hive .. another slack tithe collection at this point could be disastrous for the defence of the Phalanx system, maybe even the whole Phrellian Sub  He had the fiery and fearsome Herecticus Inquisitrix Callydia Benadice to thank for that situation.. ..Her reputation for  intolerance of the weak  had been justified. As subtle as a boltgun, her Meddling in Phalanx Noble politics bothersome but not unjustified .. she could wait.

As it happened the events of the succession came to him before he had chance to leave the Phrellian Sub for Dahltus Prime .  In all planetary systems there those planets that don't do much.. Borrus is one such planet.A huge spinning ball of gas, that sits on the Horizon of Praxus along with its twin moon Chrons and looks pretty. The techpriests from the Mutaran Demesne Had tried collecting its plasma as fuel. But the Difficult navigation from Mutara had proved uneconomical . Many on Phalanx Hive had supposed on  that if this Planet could be harvested the Insular system of Phalanx could become wealthy trade route stop bypassing Arzgin and Suppressio systems on route to Loidis

But until the Merchants and guilders of Cydonia and Phalanx Hive are willing to unite and fund the cost of such a grand project, Phalanx will remain a backwater system.

It was during a  routine trip to the Phalanx system capital  Phalanx Hive  to see the Governor

Baron Dysarno regarding Imperial tithes , That Inquisitor Vendrake  intersected a High level Vox communication on an Inquisitorial Frequency . A Rogue Electro priest was attempting to set up a lucrative  cargo transaction , from a former plasma research station Orbiting Chrons Moon.

Vendrake sped to location to interject a counter proposal.. Now was a good time to collect resources and potential contacts ..Electing an outspoken Amalathian would be no easy task with so many radicals within Dhaltus.

Unfortunately Vendrake failed to convince the the Rogue Electro priest to deal with him. The pre standing arrangement  he had with the Impressive Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Tybalt was unbreakable..

Vendrake cut his losses with the cargo , but the diversion was not a lost cause after all. During the negotiations with the electro priest  . Vendrakes tormented astrotelepath Souel , managed to mind scan one of Tybalt's acolytes , revealing a pertinent piece of information , concerning the whereabouts of  The Ordo Hereticus Inquisitrix Benadice  .

 It appeared The race to make strong and viable contacts to influence the conclave had begun.

 Benadice had acquired a rotund Administatum scribe of particular import .form the suppressio Mining colony in the outer reaches of the Phrellian sub. Vendrake took the opportunity to exact some revenge on the Flame haired Inquisitrix For her interference within the Cydonian Noble politics .. a finely wrought thing that needs careful and restrained coercion  to be of maximum effect.

Vendrake had no real desire to kidnap the scribe ..only to let Benadice know.. that there would be consequences for interfering within his domain.

Which is exactly what he did  when he ambushed her on route to her drop ship scaring the scribe half to death .and forcing her to flee .. of course I am sure she would tell it differently...

Either way Vendrake played his  role with minor success.

Phased by the recent events Vendrake..realised he would need much more direct firepower to take on the more radical elements of the conclave . His  deep association with the secular Adaptus mechanicus cult on Praxus is well known to many Conclave members , in particular to Inquisitors of his own Ordo Xenos . So it came as little surprise when he himself was ambushed  by a fellow Ordo xenos Inquisitor Titus bell and company  whilst trying to recruit the powerful Magos Mendacles in the Praxian wilds .

Whisking away his valued prize, Vendrake made for Dhaltus Prime  and the Conclave , where the real political power lay

The campaigning began in earnest ..Vendrakes Years of influencing Noble policy paying dividends when he successfully persuaded enough voters to elect Inquisitrix Madine after a thirty two vote tie with Vendrakes former adversary from the Chrons moon facility a few months earlier ..Inquisitor Tybalt. Truly a powerful and influential figure to watch out for ..he noted.

Vendrakes Victory over the conclave was short lived however..

As Madine Stood to make her acceptance speech , a single shot rang out ...Her life taken and all Vendrakes work undone in an instance.

Even before her body was cold the blame game began.. fingers began pointing towards the more radical  leaning inquisitors..The conclave in turmoil once again.. leaderless and vulnerable to attack from without and within..

Vendrake was more upset at the death of Madine than he had first realised . Not only did it undo well made plans ..and force him to keep his eyes of Praxus for even longer. But more than that ,he liked  Madine personally , Yes she was naive in her appreciation of the complex issues of Dalthus ( for which she paid the ultimate price )  but she was also brave ..fearless to her opposition ..a pure heart and even head that is rarely scene within the Inquisitorial Conclave , even though she was a Herecticus  she kept one eye on the big picture .. Vendrake respected that. She knew if the Conclave fell into radical hands ..Dhaltus was doomed ..The security the two of them could have brought to the system riddled with corruption filled him with hope... he the gaurdian of the enemy without she within..Now lost ...

Vendrake did not get angry , that was a young mans burden , he attempted to see a ll the angles.. but his usual clarity had left him.. just confusion and the pain of his leg..clouded his thoughts.. Chiron

made  the usual cocktail of drugs to ease his masters anguish.. and Vendrake thanked his luck for finding such an accomplished apothecary amongst Stimm fuelled Slaught junkies of General Martoks Men . It was in these drug induced days that he was contacted by Darthur . Madine's faithful interrogator acolyte.. the poor man had taken his own eyes with grief and shame at failing to protect his Mistress . Vendrake took pity on the wretched soul and brought him into his own flock.( an act Socrates was keen to undermine )   To console the young man , Vnedrake applied his formidable powers of persuasion  " Find the killer and your shame shall be lifted , Avenge your Former Mistress and restore your honour  .. Do this for yourself and for Dhaltus and I will grant your Inquisitorial status . Vendrakes began plotting how he could use the death of Madine to his political advantage . The Finger pointing had rested upon a Lone rogue Inquisitor... Velk      A memebr of the dame Herecticus Ordo as Madine , but that is where the similarity ends.. a sinister Figure shrouded in  mistery and duplicity.. linked with contemptible Elder..and who's motives are unclear

Fatigued from Drug use the ageing Vendrake failed to move swiftly enough to capture Velk.. who left a trail of bloodshed in his wake ..nearly killing  fellow Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Theodore Helsmarck

The  Requiem

Vendrake's close ties with Admiral Faust where put to good use , when The Venerable Inquisitor Guidonis  of Brythonis arranged For Madines Requiem to be held within the hallowed halls of the Ecclissia. Faust has Personally  overseen the transportation of Madine through Dalthus to sub sector  Loidis space .

The Inquivitational was a great event..  and i have being meaning to update with some more pics.. to get back into the spirit .. and as a teaser for Molotov's upcoming second inqquivitational event on November the third . I thought i  would post up some art i did to represent The planet Ecclessia   which resides within the  Brythonis sector of the Loidis sub and its chapel planetoid Chiaroscuro / Chirasocurrii  Home of the legendary thorny Inquisitor Guidonis . who resides in the chapaloid writing his  magnum opus the Practica Inquisitionis Heretice Pravitatis 

Ecclessia  is home to several cults of the solar deity   .. and this inspired the chiroscuro feel of the plantet..

Brythonis is a Orthodox ecclesiastical sector and Ecclessia  Quite dour and solemn . the planet bathed  in perpetual darkness, The Orbit of Ecclessia taking it on an a long elliptical journey into the cold dark of Loidis space , reaching its black winter azimuth.  Many years without light gradually punctuated by the returning warmth and lighter days.. until unbearable brightness and heat scorches the equator as it reaches it solar equinox..praise the light praise the emperor ..

After the death of Inquisitrix Madine at the end of the Helios Succession, the noted Inquisitor Guidonis  arranged for her body to be conveyed aboard an Imperial Navy vessel to the cathedral-world of Ecclisia, where she will be laid to rest in its vaunted chapel-halls

Presently a large Naval Vessel is transporting The late Inqusitrix Madines Body to Brythonis for Internment.. Inquisitor Vendrake  , along with Madines former acolyte  Interrogator Darthur have arranged to oversee the  funeriumme / Requiem

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