Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ian Miller inspired stuff

Its been a while , not sure how long the blog will last before vanishing back into the Æther  so i will try to keep this short.

 I read the city  by James Herbert and Ian Miller for the first time a few months back . It inspired me to build some stuff .


Ian miller.
 I should mention for those that didn't know Ian miller has a new art book out  entitled The art of Ian Miller 

 A few months back I found a prolific Ex Libris artist who's work is quite reminiscent of  Ian millers, 

Oleg Denysenko 

 Albin Brunovsky

Since  discovering the work of Albin Brunovsky i have been struck by the similarity of it to Ian millers work on the realms of Chaos.

 James Herbert


  1. Whoa, seems I managed to witness one of the rare realspace appearances of this blog -- awesome!!

    Stunning work on the Trencher type models, Neil: Something similar has been on my mind today, as it happens -- because a concept resembling this artwork appeared in weirdingway's sketches for his Navigator warband -- is this all part of one big conspiracy, I wonder? ;)

    Really love the small mutant as well! Where did you find the parts for that?

    Keep up the inspiring work, mate!

  2. Hey Buddy , I think Weirding ways big head navigator has guided it back with its powerful astronomicon psychic presence ;-)

    well glad you like the kettle helmets , i made them a few weeks before seeing your scion conversions and then thought bugger why didn't I think of that.

    such a lovely conversion btw

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  4. Like a hulk suddenly appearing from the void, you're here again.

    Absolutely stunning conversions there mate, they really capture that Miller-esque Sci-Fantasy baroque look.

    My Ian Miller art book is still in the post at the mo, can't wait to get it in my grubby mitts and pore over it :)

    1. Aye up Blackheart ;-) hope your well , I have not ordered the miller book yet , kinda saving it for a special treat , so quite jealous of you there.

      glad i enabled comments again now ;-) its good to see old faces..
      yeah I will try to keep the blog open at least until the upcoming realms of Chaos game on june 21st , but keeping the darkness of the void at bay is often like trying to hold back the sea.


    2. Yeah I'm actually feeling better than I have done for quite some time.

      I very nearly gave up on the whole blogging thing mid-way through last year.
      I made some changes in my life, some of them quite difficult. But things are improving.

      Actually been more active on the blog in the last couple of months than the whole of last year. (apart from the odd hiccup).

      But however long you're about, I'll look forward to seeing whatever you want to share on here. I've always found it inspirational.

      And I really hope you're faring well too :)

    3. Aye up back for a bit .. glad to hear things are on the up for you matey - things are so so for me at the moment - but be assured I will always come back to opus to make sense of it all.

  5. Very impressive work, thanks for posting those artists as well

    1. Thanks Alexander, no worries , i have a few posts about artists planned for when i have a little more free time. Cheers

  6. Fantastic conversions - I own some of the original sketches that Ian Miller developed as scavvies while with GW and went on to inform the James Herbert art - in fact some of the images are used alongside each other in his book.

    I'm very interested to understand how you built the conversions - do you have a part guide? Similarly, I'd love to replicate the little doggies :)

    1. Aye up Axiom apologies for the late reply, thanks for the positives mate, Really interesting that you have the Original sketches .. i would very much like to see those if you ever scan them ;-) I dont have a guide for the conversions , i dont really work like that, however i think i can remember the bits.. the bigger dog the one that looks like a Doberman had :

      space wolf backpack head

      tyranid taumagaunt ? body

      forgworld thallax back leg and tail

      cant remember what the collar came form maybe inquisitorial arco flaggelants

      dog tag from space wolf weapons

      ears were plasticard i think..

      the little mechanical dog was :

      space wolf hammer - head

      cut down necron legs for legs

      feet were genestealer fingers

      body dark eldar pain engine thalos ? whips

      tail was a forgeworld thallax arm piece

      extra spikes were cut from the deldar pain engine bits

      hope that helps

    2. Perfect Neil - many thanks. I'll see if I can rustle up something inspired by your conversions!

      Ian's sketches were concepts for scavvies done while at GW in 1989. I have one of the sheets, my friend has another. This is my piece:

      Ian shared pics of 5 in total:

      Putting them alongside The City art shows a very close family resemblence!

    3. thanks for sharing those , they are brilliant, the pipe bikes are genius

  7. Beautiful stuff Neil. As always. Good to see that Opus Maius is alive. 'The Art of Ian Miller' has now been ordered - thanks for the link :)

  8. Good to see you too mate, i have still not picked up the book , ;-/

    looking forward to the return of First Point of Areas...