Friday 2 February 2018

Rhossum Secundus wips

 Aye up folk..

so no let up for me after partaking in Jonathan ( shiboleths ) fantastic Lesotho two twelve game.

pics and a brilliant write up by Kristian for that game here 

and a peak behind the curtain courtesy of the recently opened up facebook group

I recently was invited to partake in another game .. its not happening for a while .. but my motivation is high and my hobby desk cluttered .. so i thought i would strike while the iron was hot.. ;)

I have been enjoying Instagram and  the vibrant facebook inq28 community of late.. the inquistorium beating heart of inq28 in particular . i have been weary of facebook groups in the past .. and of facebook in general but in a newfound bid to be more open , i was invited to join .  The game Itself is still shrouded in mystery .. but i can tell you its pedigree is superlative..  The creative minds behind Tor Megido .. , Outgard  and the above facebook community...  Alex Winberg  ( who was just noted in the best blogs and hobbyists of 2017 by the brothers wier ,) Alex Lunde  of the blog Echoes of imperium  ..along with Mr Blanche , Jeff vader -  , Helge Wilhelm Dahl &, Rebecca ,Rambo Higgins, Tim ( Fulgrim ) and Issac Tobin & Erik Blomman Blomqvist.. A sterling line up of pedigree talent i am sure you will agree ?

Rhossum Secundus on instagram

A few bits of narrative and wip models have been shown so far.. 

.Johan Egerkrans has made a lovely join an existing one.and painted him up in speedy jeff vader style.. I hope he wont mind me sharing here ;)

 Johan Egerkrans Squats

  Issac is Making tech whalers for John's RustyWalkingWhalership

Issac Tobin's tech whaler wip

Alexander Lunde's Troll Hunter ..wip

Lovely stuff .. i cant wait to see what else emerges over the coming months

 And my own Three Goats Graff Slave Galleon and crew

The house of Yeoville


Korvus Graff youngest brother of house Yeoville
Vicious Fighter and first to board Rival collossii

Marlin Graff  middle brother and captain in charge of the trundling House of Yeoville

The Shepard.. Slaver & Leader of House Yeoville 
nicknamed the "Gaffer" by those on the galley

Three Goats Graff

The deck hands

 Korvus and his standard bearer "Ol salt "

 Cap'n Marlin and 1st mate

The Sheapard " gaffer" and Bill " Hook "

The Master at arms and his loyal kin

 Fenix the "chief"  gear head of the Yeoville

Former slave deckhand and cabin kid

latest weapon wips

Because the game is a ways off , i thought i would share my model wips as i make them.. to help motivate me on to paint..

I will also share any art that comes to mind or narratives i create for the group..  The slavers themselves are based on the three billy goats gruff story .. hopefully in time some trolls will emerge too.. cheers Neil101

Inspiration for the Yeoville 

Tony Acklands ashwaste crawler

my own Aswaste crawler inspire by his and dune, starwars , halo etc..

Howls Moving Castle Ghibli
Hayao Miyazaki

Mortal Engines 

Pirate ships !

Moving fortress Comic 


  1. This is such a beast, it's absolutely insane! :D

    My group are going to look so weird in comparison. I hope me not building a Colossi works...

    1. you could just say that the table is your colossi a giant continent sized beast ! your guys are mites on its back !