Monday, 4 March 2019

Necrohulk ?

Aye up folk,

So I have been feeling oldschool 40k  of late - in particular i have fond memories of playing advanced space crusade. they strategic campaign plus d12 reactive combat is fondly remembered or maybe even misremembered,

my old school scouts and imperial army were going to be the base for this project , but i have decided i want a more cohesive look, with smaller humans to scale well against the new hybrid figures.

I have invested in some nids and more will follow.. my models will be loosely based off the advanced space crusade roster. which included loads of different model types .. even orks, sqauts inquisitors eldar and chaos. not to mention hybrids and Tyranids to fight the imperials.. scouts termies marines etc..

this is a fun based project no end goal except fun hobby time for me. scenery will come eventually but working out how best i want to represent this is still in flux.. i am trying to avoid a big costly table build. But we will see where it takes me. Interior nid hive stuff maybe. or cities of death style board - even zone mort under hive is all vying for my attention. along with a simple card based board nothing is set as yet.

having a put away board with a complete set of painted  models scenery is very tempting as i have very little finished models to show for nearly 10 years hobby.

Jonathan Hartman aka Shiboleth is also working on a spacehulk themed board and big game .. which may or may not tie in with this project. I am tentetively consideringa  transatlantic game .. or even a follow up or pregame  here in the uk . like i say its all a bit early. But one thing is for sure i am certainly feeling the hobby vibe for now.

inspiration pics below



space hulk in wd


  1. This is such an awesome project! It is a great exploration of scale, something that can be difficult with models designed over the course of 30 years. Jonathan Hartman makes some awesome terrain! It would be awesome if you could make a trip to the USA!

  2. Yeah reimagining old concepts is what GW have doing so well athat recently. I guess this is no different. A transatlantic trip to hang out with you guys would be a real treat . But I have to be cautious of over commitment like I have done before. So most likely just working away on my own little project with no time limits set. Enjoying the hobby as a fun passtuff time without the danger of it becoming a chore or a second unpaid job as has happened before. Still there are obvious similarities between the two projects and if the planets align I won't yet rule out some sort of link. At its heart space hulk and advanced space crusade are essentially the same concept..only the rules are different and even those become a grey area whenter you consider space marines can be used in space hulk and terminators genestealers and even space hulk floor plans can be usedone in Advanced space crusade. Remove the grid based rules system For contemporary boards and you just have 40k really .. ☺

  3. Some gems in there. Looking forward to seeing where you take this old school inspiration. :)