Wednesday, 19 August 2020

40k gameboard build day 1

 Aye up folk.  

I have started a 40k gameboard build. I will try and update daily ho share progress and tips. 

Not created a flocked board before well not properly so excited to learn new methods of building . The aim is try and create a 4ft by 4ft partially flocked and static grassed board with  some water effects and cast rocks. I have been watching Diorama tutorials along with model railway builders and war game table builders to learn new tricks.


Progress so far


  1. I am really excited to see this develop. Love the inspirational images too.

    When you mentioned on Instagram about the rolling grassland, hedgerows and ruined Yorkshire farmsteads, that gave me a little smile.

    I've had similar ideas. On my recent rambles around the woodlands nearby I've been collecting some images of old tumbledown dry-stone walls, lost little cobbled paths and foundations of long abandoned buildings.

    I'm truly fascinated by them. Love finding these little hidden signs of old habitation/use in the area. There's something a little sad, haunting but beautiful there too.

    I wanted to try make some pieces of terrain with those little elements in them. So I'm really quite looking forward to seeing your take on some of those related themes.

  2. Hey mate , yeah ruins are epitome of entropy and speak to us all i think. you cant beat the dales for beauty either stunning really. this has settled on a less grand ambition than to try and capture all those elements , but will be happy with some of them like you i will return to the themes overtime i imagine drawing out different string of emphasis , look forward to seeing what you do too mate , i struggled to find a good set of resin or plastic walls without 3d printed stuff which either cheap and not good or expsensive and great. puppets of war do some nice ones i tink and bolt action warlord games has some plastic ones that look a bit meh tbh. but cheap though. i could build my own with foam or plaster but wanted to avoid that if i could , do you know of any good ones?

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah I looked at the Warlord Games plastic terrain pieces for ruins and things. I thought they were okay, but not what I was after either.

      I think I'm just going to go the scratch built route with mine. Well, a combination really. Got some nice textured styrene sheets from a local model rail shop that I might use for more intact walling and cobbles.

      For field/dry-stone walls I'm thinking about revisiting the way I made them way back when I first started blogging:
      Fieldstone Walls

      They were alright for me at the time, they've been given away to a friend now. So I thought I'd give them a go again now I've learned some more hobby tricks over the years.

      Probably look a bit nicer this time around.