Saturday, 28 March 2015

John Blanche Sump Hags

 Opus Maius has the privilege of showcasing two new models from the Alpha & Omega of  warhammer ,  Master Illuminator John Blanche ...


 " Pretty much the gothic and the eldritch with a very deliberate Renaissance vibe  - leader has a cloven foot so they are Byron cultists and inexplicably armed with a forge world weaponry  - they sail the sump in a golden chapel  - who knows what dark secret their past holds ....... Some say they are wampyres others that they eat their victims flesh and drink their blood  .... "


  1. Lovely stuff. John's models fit in very well at Opus Mains. My favourite part is the oversized skull. Can't get used to all this green though!

    1. I think its the other way around Opus Maius fits in with Johns Models.. ;-) either way its a good fit !

  2. Scoop!

    They're great, aren't they? Love the contrast between the flouncy sleeves and their gnarled and battered old faces.

  3. Excellent work once again! Thanks to John for creating them and to Neil for sharing them ;) What really strikes me is how these models make AdMech and Harlequin parts work together so seamlessly, perfectly tied together by JB's trademark painting style.

    Oh, and I am pretty interested in that huge skull as well -- where is that from...?

  4. Always happy to share Mr scientist ! Its such a treat to see those admech jezzails up close.!

  5. These have (as many of John's works have) a depth of color that seems to glow from within, giving them an appearance of antiques. I'm always stunned and intimidated by his work.

  6. Nearly finished a wryd to go with these - and he's got one cloven hoof foot ...

  7. Spot on Mr odie never thought of that before as I sit here working on mi Edwardian desk top with victorian ink wells and a Georgian classic green paint on the wall - even got a napoleonic pistol lying next to me - I'm trying to create an antique feel - huzahhhh - I'm always intimidated bi the work of others ....