Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Palatine hive

Popped some colour on the hive today , kept it simple.
Pencil for metals highlights , vandyke brown oil wash over azimunthal spray. Grey,
gold black and white.


  1. The silhouette is based off the classic Hive Primus art diagram.. but the i think it captures some of the spirit of the Palatine from Confrontation. travel tubes , open hive city etc.. hopefully it combines them well enough.. i would still like to add the 48 cm 48 km / 30 mile base.. it looks a bit lonely by itself.. :-(

  2. quote " Was just flicking through FB and saw John blanches post about this...and thought that style of work really looks like that guy of dakka dakka from years ago. Went to that page again.wow.pkus this. Double wow. Wowow. Awesome and inspiring. used to do the halflings and 40k red coats...going to get drawn back in....hahaha this is so awesome! "


    Dont know why thit is not showing up in my feed... mmm

    Cheers manoknok , i remember your red coats too, and those tasty halfling hotpots !

    glad you like this stuff , i am still learning and i paint slightly more than i used to, my blogging has been sporadic for a while.. but its getting better.. ;-)