Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Lesotho Two/Twelve Npcs

Aye up folk,

Shiboleth aka Jonathan Hartman is hosting a game on Saturday. A load of brilliant 40k luminaries are coming ,and after ducking my fair share of awesome hobby stuff the past few years..(Pylgrym game looking at you..)
 I was chuffed to remember i was invited  ;)

Been building some Npcs and a bit of scenery too, not that the game needs it !

 A bit of Blanchean Inspiration was required..

and a bit of creative license...

Feral servo skulls by PDH 

Old Night.. of the Living dead...( Groan )

oops wrong floor..

2nd Age of Darthur

" To all manor of obscenities we bore witness. Chanting the litanies of sin did nothing to
 thwart a miasma of pestilence that veiled the horrors within."


  1. Happy to see you back blogging again. The skull Pillar looks amazing!

    Been following Shiboleth's Lesotho build on Instagram, looking forward to seeing the images and reading about the games to be played over it.

    - (Stygianheart)

  2. Hey mate , glad you found it , as always its nice to have your company . Yeah the other Jonathan's ;) scenery is inspirational , sumptown made me jealous as anything ._ looking forward to meeting everyone in person , although i would lying if i said i wasn't a little feeling any trepidation .. Thanks again for your kind words as ever.

  3. That looks great! Always the master of scenery

  4. Cheers mate.. hopefully should have a few Lesotho pics to put up soon..