Saturday, 28 April 2018

Amazonia Gothique John Blanche

Aka Kinky Chaosette

With the  release of Belladonna for Necromunda.  I thought It a good time to share some photos of this wonderful Model gifted to me By John Blanche and his wife a few years ago .   Looking forward to picking up the new sculpt and creating some Amazonian Femme Millitantes !

Sculpted By Micheal Perry

Based on John's famously powerful depiction of a female warrior clad in actual Armour 

( something of rarity in the Male fantasy led 80's wargaming community ! )

The dandelion clock haired Femme Millitante appeared on the front cover of  WD 79 in 1986 heralding a new era of Nottingham based GW & WD with John Blanche Artistically at the Helm.


White Dwarf 82 saw the Poster take on model form as the Kinky chaosette limited edition model , along with the warlock of fighting fantasy magazine fame .

page 18 /19

 John Illustrating the warlock from a readers sketch ! 1986

New Belladonna Illustration By ?

The new 2018 necromunda reinterpretation 

sculpted by ? painted By Chiafele Giuseppe

Kev white Hasslefree sculpt

more interpretations

Mr Blanche's long History of creating powerful warrior women..

the female of the species...

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  1. A great showcase of minis and art. You've connected a lot of dots that I mightn't immediately have done. Great seeing it all in one place too!

    (The new Belladonna was painted by Giuseppe at Forgeworld:

    1. Thanks Ross ! such a fantastic looking model.

  2. The Belladonna illustration is by Rachel Pierce and she was sculpted by Nicholas Nguyen.


  3. The original "kinky chaosette" is such a classic -- and that goes both for the illustration and the model. It seems you have the "official" version that was in WD, right? What a fantastic little treasure to have in your collection, Neil!

    I love the way the new Belladonna model taps into the classic illustration, although I will admit I don't really like her bionic leg -- it just seems a bit too angular -- looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the model.

    Also, one of these days I am finally going to recreate that girl with the flamer that also appeared in the INQ rulebook...

  4. Cheers matey, yeah i only have a handful of other folks models but she takes pride of place . That bald headed warrioress has always reminded me of a 40k tank girl . Should be not too tricky to recreate her with that khornate barbarianess from aos .