Sunday 28 October 2018

Suprise !

Aye up folk, been awhile...

2018 has been a year of change for me. It started with the wonderful Lesotho 212 game organised by the Sublimely talented Jonathan Heartman . I hadn't gamed for an age before this game - and I just about managed to come up with the goods at the last minute .  This game re-ignited my  hobby batteries and i dived headlong into Instagram Facebook and the colossal Rhossum secundus game, building huge architectural models and scenery is very much my thing and I loved the scope and challenge the game presented. Unfortunately  my mental health was not in the best shape and I bit off a little too much .. lack of funds and a return of the  " black dog "  combined with watching my household role as stay at home father dwindle to nowt as my kids became men and went off to uni or got jobs, pushed me into a deep melancholy. The game was another missed opportunity for me - like the pilgrim game. 

Sharing my hobby with the community over the past eight years has been the most wonderful and at times challenging things I have ever done . I have learned new skills and honed old ones .. it has enabled a man who chose to bring up his children over embracing a career in the arts to participate with some of the most artistic  folk in the industry - I have made many friends and earned back some self respect I thought I had lost.  Watching how some of my work may have influenced and inspired has been a tremendous source of validation for me.

My output and influence has reduced a great deal ..I now have a Job.. although unfortunately  not in the arts. But I still have some hobby plans to come to fruition.

Tim ( tears of Istvaan ) the linchpin of the Blanchitsu movement  invited me along to celebrate John Blanche's 70th birthday as a surprise meal  and game he had been organizing with friends and family in secret for almost a year. As a long time Blanche acolyte it felt rude not accept !

 Peter (PDH) wrote a wonderfully evocative introduction to the game

PDH getting a little too friendly with Me

John inspects a gift whilst Johan ( Jeff vader - convertorum )
and the former spikey rat pack now iron sleets Mikko and kari
expect starters

Mr Jes Goodwin alongside 3 time Slayer sword and crystal brush wielder JRN  
compare shaving techniques with Tim ( tears of Istvaan ) and Iron sleets Stefan green 
mechanicvm god ( FPOA)

 the obligatory Jes Goodwin fanboi shot 

The following day allowed a little time to take in some of the sites of Nottingham..

Architectural details and plaques stored for future hobby reference..

Antarctic Terra 666

Inquisitors lined up and gifts were brought to honour the Highlord

I used the above picture from the 3rd edition 40k rulebook as inspiration for the models i would make as my gaming pieces and votive offerings to John.

I really like the idea of monk/habbited tonsured cell dwelling administratum adepts within 40k
 its a theme that encapsulates 40k life succinctly.  

i started with one red priest and one white acolyte but the verdigris breastplate 
made a xmas theme a wasn't too fond of.


The Xanthite Conviction

The game game was short and deadly - As Highlord  Blaanc addressed attendees - a sinister union of eldar had influenced and turned longstanding members of the inquisition against the aged Inquistorial lord. As A solitare danced mcarbe - a cabal of nefarious renegades tried to summon demons and worse.. 



Mikkos strident red death in heels..forms a blaze of magenta alongside PDH's sinister inquisitrix

old faces re-emerge from the aether -- where art though Inquisitor  Velk... 

He always seems to be around when loyalist Inquisitors get sniped ! 

no smoke without fire ..

Maxine Corbeil stunning paintwork left me in awe and envy..

Stefans FPOA green mechanivum bring aborial votives for the Highlord 

The sculpt of Mr Blanche is rather uncanny  

 More old faces come out the shadows Rise of the magi's flaming Inquisitor illuminates
 the corners..

 karis' henchmenne get offed by the solitair early on.. no match for the  lighting fast xenos

 Henry Souths amazing Loyalists look for more eldritch after multy melting a  lone ranger

Jakob's ( JRN ) wonderful Eldar try and crash the party 

PDH looks up rules on his phone as
 John ( rise of the Magi ) Tim Mikko Johna Henry John Kari and stefan look on intently

from left to right
Maxime Tim Johan Mikko Henry John Kari & Stefan

The multi talented Maxime Corbeil also took some wonderfully evocative shots of the game..

The game ended with the highlord seeing off the unwanted Aeldarii and surviving the machinations of the Renegade cabal .. and just as well really !


  1. Wow, this looks like a wonderful time! Thank you so much for sharing it with us; it is great that so many good friend were able to gather and celebrate. There are so many fantastic models and ideas swirling around on that battlefield (and old friend/enemies, he he).

    Thank you for also continuing to share your artistic vision and creations, you are still on the forefront of the Inq28 movement, showing others what sort of things can be achieve with a vision and talent. Life often gets in the way of the hobby, but it is great to see you continue to embrace it. Congratulations on the new job too, it is never to late to try something different!

  2. A tentative welcome back Neil, having suffering from a life-long black dog of my own I know how difficult it is coming back to the world, so; *hugs*

    Thank you for sharing this day with us, it looks like a right hoot! And it's great to see some blasts from the past in miniature form alongside shiny (well, grimy) and new stuff from some of the pioneers of the INQ28 movement.

    Good luck with the new job and I hope we can natter again soon. :3

    1. Thanks Gretchin , tentative is good , one step at a time eh.. I look forward to more chats ;)

  3. Cheers Eric , it was fun.. I don't normally sleep over , but this felt like an exception . It was great seeing old friends and foes on the battlefield too.

  4. Lots of respect to you for addressing your mental struggles here on your blog. There is still too much of a stigma around talking about depression and other mental issues. I struggle with pretty severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which has been extremely debilitating over the past 6 years or so. Finally starting to open up about it has helped. At least helped to make me not feel alone with it all. The OCD makes it such that I hardly do anything with the hobby, other than help my two brothers write and revise posts for Between the Bolter and Me.

    Glad to see you were able to make it to John’s birthday celebration, and hope to see more from you soon. But as always, your mental health needs to come first.

  5. Thanks Gregory , I am almost ashamed to admit that the fear of stigmatization has prevented me discussing something that a lot of folk endure in silence . Having known predjudice from a young age , the thought of giving other folk any reason to judge me is almost unbearable . But I am proud of who I am also and the obstacles I have overcome . Thanks for showing your support - the respect flows both ways . Not sure how much hobby time i will have now but yes health first.

  6. Welcome back! Great update, lovely conversions. Here's hoping that dog stays at bay a little longer.

    1. Cheers matt , nice to have something to share. Ipicked a few new models whilst in WW so hopefully it won't be the last post of the year.

  7. It is wonderful to see a new post from you Neil, thank you for sharing this with us! I have said it before but your work is truly inspirational,it is what brought me back to the hobby I love, and to a community that has given me back far more than I have given. The acknowledgement of the black dog is an achievement itself. I have fought and still do at times with the desire to share with others or even myself for that matter. The amount of talented and caring people in this community is remarkable. Given the hobbies often solitary and introverted nature, it is a blessing to have others around to inspire you not just from a hobby perspective, but also to let you know that you are not alone. Your health and happiness should always come first, I can say firmly that your work has made an impact in others lives beyond the scope of its original intent. Take all the time you need, we will be here when you are ready.

    1. Hey mate , great to hear from you , kind words , thank you . They are appreciated . I agree the community can be wonderfully supportive and inspirational in equal measure . I look forward to slowly reembracing the hobby

  8. Glad to hear that you’re doing well. Always a huge source of inspiration.

    /Nicklas (apoteos formerly)

  9. Neil! Good to see you still in the game. I think you're still using bits from my care package (banner top)! Looks like a great day spent with excellent folk. I hope to meet Jes irl one day and annoy him with many technical questions, so count me jovially jealous. Good news about the job, but the empty nest syndrome must weigh a bit on the whole identity, which I am sorry to hear, but appears to be a common parent thing. Looking forward to more projects from you. Peace! Phil

    1. Hey mate, yep that care packet is really getting its use. ! Meeting Jes was a treat._ thanks re the job ._ one day at a time sort of a thing ._its been a good distraction with regards to the family . PDH and I have similar projects on the go . Time willing

  10. Hiya Neil,

    just quickly swooping in here to say that, as far as I am concerned, you do have quite a career in the arts: Your vision of the 40k universe never fails to amaze, and your talent for creating evocative pieces of art around it is quite uncanny. So maybe not what you were referring to, but there you have it ;)

    Lovely pictures and a brilliant game, no doubt! Don't be a stranger now! ;)

    1. Thank you mate, I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that art is a state of mind not necessarily a job title . Thanks for the kind words mate

  11. Wonderful to see you back! Yes we missed you at Rhossum, but health and life comes first. Magnificent stuff you have been up to. You are one of the og's of the hobby, a grand master of the art of Inq28 and one of the great inspirations for my own attempts at dust and ash covered miniatures .

    Take care and keep in touch.
    Much love!

    1. Cheers Alexander ._ Your work stands alone as an exemplar of collaboration and narration . Always excited to see what comes next.

  12. Welcome back!

    Chalk me up another one one who has seen the black dog. Hobby was my outlet - as long as I steered away from elements I didn’t enjoy. The bits that I do like (such as the work displayed here) all help

    1. Cheers Maurice. Yeah doing what you enjoy ._ i stopped feeling bad for not painting years back. I could convert all day. :D

  13. I'm late to comment but this is a great post. You have always been an Inq28 inspiration to me so I'm always pleased to see a new post from you appear. This looks like a great weekend, so thanks for sharing the experience and good luck with the new job!

  14. Thanks Warboss, and likewise your stuff is equally inspiring mate.