Sunday, 5 November 2017

Necromunda GW and blog reboot recap

Art works by John Blanche

Aye up folk.

I thought i would reopen the blog to celebrate the relaunch of necromunda ..  but I forgot I permanently deleted it .haha.. so I managed to scrape back a mishmash version ..2016 & 2017 are gone forever but I do have a link to the internet archive that has saved the text from 2016.. i might pop up some previous posts with pics like the scale of a hive stuff as i really liked that post. and i do have the pics somewhere on  my comp.

opus maius way back machine

Well I can honestly say  I never thought seven years on from when I first joined dakka after re-embracing the hobby that GW would be making industrial hive scenery Bloodbowl and boxgames and skirmish style gameplay the norm.. I hoped that might happen though.. You could say my whole hobby rebirth has been trying to softy reshape the direction of GW back into the company I used to love .. even after my frequent bellicose outbursts ( looking at you Armageddon  and end times )  I have always held out hope that the company  that I loved as child could change back into a thing that was not solely based on its past glories but on new brilliant things.

After reading this months really rather good white Dwarf , I have come to the conclusion that the company has indeed changed for the better.. at least from my perspective as a consumer. Not only is WD good again..  you can see the passion being put into everything GW does.. from the amazing models  to plethora of books and games and video games .. community fanbase and even its humble attempts at  diversity within its range. ( looking at you silver tower non white guy and  blightwar non male Sigmarite ! )

( more still needs to be done in that department imho  ) but credit where credit is due ..

Keep it up GW   ..( really looking forward to whatever the specialist team has up their future sleeves  )

            Miniature designs by Jes Goodwin

a sneak peak back to the 1995 release and the earlier 1991 confrontation release


  1. Welcome back. Happy to see you sharing your creations again. Thank you.

  2. Cheers horridperson , hope to have something new soon , for now I hope gw and JB don't mind me sharing this fantastic setting.