Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Palatine Hive scale model (wip)

 Hive Palatine / Primus . The scale is 1cm to 1km  and its height is 19 cm
A quick two day build using bfg bits and nail dressing micro beads along with the smallest bits box finds. Interesting fact : the burge khalifa would be just under one cm at this scale , the 1\2 mm micro beads would scale at 50 m and Mount Everest would reach mid Hive City.

I am also building a battleship scaled down to 4cm : 4km instead of 5 inches to sit alongside it :-)


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    1. Thanks Ana , could probably do with more horizontal road type cross struts and i am looking forward to expanding it into the ash wastes but yeah i was quite pleased with how the experiment turned out.

  2. So amazing! 40k is tricky because some of the most iconic elements exist at such radically different sizes they can't be modeled at the same (or even similar) scales. So it's such a great idea building a proper hive model at a scale that makes sense.

    I hope you use the Palatine model for some forced perspective in-camera special effects. Just imagine some ash waste nomads (or your ash waste crawler) in the foreground and your amazing hive model rising up beyond the horizon ...

    I've been thinking about making some spire heads out of the new Escher models and been trying to work out good ways of building them, and your use of the microbeads + battleship gothic ships is genius.

    And speaking of horizontal struts, if you want to get really fiddly, very thin thread/fishing-line/floss tied between spires (and/or between separate hive complexes) could look really cool, especially with the occasional microbead glued onto the thread and maybe painted white like the glowing dots of light John includes in many of his spire paintings.

  3. Cheers! I agree, the scale thing somewhat holds back 40k imho, Epic and apeptus titanicus came so soon after the release of rogue trader , the grand scale is in my mind synonymous with 40k , yet at present its entirely impossible to play a game of such scope without turning to third party sculptors or the amazing if not completely ip infringing pirate copies, such a shame, we cant play out those BFG epic and aeronautica at a unified scale .. with official models.. I am looking forward to the new adeptus titanicus though.. skirmish games are awsome , great for character driven detail games , but i miss huge strategy games too. 40k can never be a realistic attempt to create those epic style battles .. its just too expensive for most people , me included to play Apocalypse.. i am glad it exists and it does look rather cool , although i have never seen an apocalypse game with fully painted models !

    this might be the beginning of an attempt to create such a wargame, 1cm :1km is reasonable , i actually think the hive seems a little small at 20km tall, i feel it should nearer 40km to truly achieve that grand epic feel.

    forced perspective shots are great idea , i wanted to create one with epic, but i have no epic models haha..

    spire headed eascher would be great to see, i don't get my boxeset until xmas so conversions will have to wait , but i imagine the escher are on the tall side with those heels , so adding to the height could look really domineering, in a good way ;-)

    I am very tempted to get fiddly with details, i actually spent last night finishing the back and base.. and all i could think of was adding tiny struts, but i think it could be a can of worms , change one thing and you have to reevaluate everything etc.. etc.. it may just become a project that never gets paint , so i am going to leave it .. i think . move onto to trying to paint the thing.