Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Necromunda homo sapien veriatus gang

Aye up folk, with the release of Gor half horn from forgeworld  I thought now would be a cool time to share a project I have been working on for a few weeks.

I have always thought of Necromunda as being the game that exemplifies humanity in 40k. I thought I would put that idea to the test with a project based around all forms of humanity on the planet. Starting of with a group of outcast veriatus sapiens.. who consider themselves at odds with most human settlements.  These are mostly hive predators .. who live as parasites on the both mutants and regular homo sapiens.

I kept the group small as its a small project, and resisted adding a scaly as I think they sit better within a scavvie group.  I reckon this group lives above the sump but still within the hive bottom  and below the undercity / underhive. I would like to add more groups within the Necromunda setting  that represent differing social status's, these being second from the bottom.

  Death stalks the labyrinthine chainwebs of the hive bottom

Barra venomfist

 The ogryn. A forgeworker outed by the Redemptionists during a purge.

Taking his cue from the spiders that haunt the hive, the ogryn has drawn a small following of homo sapiens veriants to his cause. Not the brightest of the bunch, he has changed his predatory hunting practice to a more patient ambush tactic following the advice of the diminutive harpoon hunter.

he carries a toxic needle punch, a small modified webber and collection of eyepieces that form  a makeshift night vision headdress

Gave Meatshield 

A disgruntled figure born up hive but smuggle low. He now sees himself as the monster the hivers see. Going to great lengths to act as the bogeyman of their nightmares. 


Quite and resolute, he reveals little of his history, but his martial skills speak for themselves.


A ratling thief  who had his hand chopped off for burglary.
Knave often acts as a wounded lure for his predatory friends. 

 The chainwhale

A hivebottom area of chain production now collapsed into a maze like web of danger after several hive quakes. A hazardous shortcut to the hive city for those in a hurry and ready to gamble their lives.

 The outcasts have set up many traps along the route uphive  where they lay in wait for victims foolish enough to get lost in the dark.


  1. Very inspirational Neil.
    I love the 'chainwhale', it's exactly how I picture the majority of the underhive to be between rediscovered domes and settlements.
    The Sector Mechanicus terrain is lovely stuff but it feels more uphive than underhive to me. The chainwhale captures that rundown derelict atmosphere from years of neglect and hive quakes. Lost passageways that offer the promise of undiscovered domes or archaeotech for those brave or desperate enough to venture into.
    Very evocative....as always ;-)

  2. Hey mate , have you seen the necro terrain dios from the last ww event? Recalitrant daze blog has a great review with awesome pics as usual. Some wonderfully immaginative pieces .. I really want to see what an actual dome looks like .. For years I just couldn't envision them .. I think there will be loads of interesting I've environments put in gameboards now we have the new kinda .. I hope at least. :D yeah I agree while the new hive scenery looks great I think it is a good starting point for creating environments nit the end point.jB put up some really black hive scenery a while back on Instagram, it had tufts if grass growing all over it.. I couldn't help thinking how such a simple idea had completely transformed the stock pieces into a believable environment with history and narrative. I am longing to do an ashwsste board with transport tubes ..but am weary if the cost of another big board. ..

  3. I've dialled back my use of social media (I'm finding Instagram, Tumblr etc. to be a liitle too intrusive for my tastes, not to mention it keeps eating my data package up on my mobile!) so I didn't see JB's Hive scenery....is it on his FB page?
    I've been drooling over Recalcitrant Daze's photos for a few days now. I'd love to be able to replicate something similar but the cost for such a venture is a little off putting. That said, I know it's only a matter of time before I cave in and buy some Zone Mortalis boards to cut up......and when I do, I want you to know that it will be all your fault ;-)

    1. Same here ,I am no longer on Insta or facebook. although facebook is because it wants far too much information .. mobile numbers etc.. I don't think so ;-) not sure if JB's stuff is on facebook i think it is. the cost creeps up so easily , p&p glue paint tools .. suddenly a relative expensive project becomes ridiculous.. meh ! i hope fw do away with the costly p&p at some point. i would literally buy so much more stuff if i could get it stuff delivered cheaper. well i look forward to seeing an of your cut up zone mort tiles, ,( don't forget a good facemask though , cutting those tiles up is seriously messy ;-)