Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Palatine hive

Popped some colour on the hive today , kept it simple.
Pencil for metals highlights , vandyke brown oil wash over azimunthal spray. Grey,
gold black and white.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Palatine hive model update

Aye up folk. So i spent some time finishing off the back of the palatine scale model . I also based and photographed it.  The basing is just glossy printing paper, liberally soaked in superglue and bicarb of soda.

I also made a few scale comparison images , just so i could fully understand the scale of the thing in my mind.

I also managed to finish off the  re scaled smaller 4cm battleship :-)

errata : The scale of the hive is actually 20cm : km  high not 19cm as i previously posted.

pics in colour this time , but no paint yet.

Scale stuff :

Where's warlord !

Find five Warlord Titans scaled at 33 m  in the hive  picture below. ;-p

Answer locations at the end of the blogpost !

Nicknamed the flood , the western side of the palatine is reserved for the most desperate, Its shanties and factories endure an endless barrage of filthy black rain caused by the effluence of  a thousand great sewer ducts. plague is rife and the dead so common the corpsers ply the trade day and night in the never ending gloom. But even within this hellish nightmare, life flourishes. The exterior hives blackest of markets thrive in the places where others fear to tread.

 An ancient Transonic Transport Tube station rises over 1km from the ashwastes below.
 rediscovered after  the last ashstorm whipped up kilometer deep dunes ,
stripping at the ferrocrete bedrock below.

An Impatient admiral drops into the low atmospheric fog to collect the annual  Astra Militarum Tithe.
Hovering a stable four kilometers over the dead desert, its engine thrum barely audible through the windy smog laden industrial Hive

 the 8th Regiment ( spiders ) are Lord Helmawrs personal  PDF, loyal body guards, spook collectors and the biggest gang on Necromunda, their vast resources hardware  and access to restricted military tunnels that still run betwixt Hives ensure no one can afford to trouble them. 

Many a brave ashwaster have attempted to sneak into the lower hive levels through these vast  pipes.
never to be seen or heard of again.

The Grand Round of the Merchant guild sits in the shadow of the massive Hive. A paltry 2km width barely able to hold the vast quantities of goods transported  from neighboring Hives over the harrowing wasteland.

A network of Round Holds 500m wide Guarded by the finest Mercs money can buy, dot the trade routes  at a rate of  one per 16 km between hives. The only safe place a traveling guilder can expect along their dangerous journeys.

The hive surface is pitted with a 15millenia of flotsam. Vast ducts up to a kilometer wide harbor  soft shell side hivers. life is cruel and cramped at every juncture in hive and the same without. 

Military patrols of all types regularly scout the hives perimeter. They usually don't have to wait long before trouble finds them. Ner-do-wells may well thank the hive spirits when they are caught, its not in the vice like talons of the implacable inquisitorial stormtroopers.

If you can afford the toll the safest way to travel out of hive is often via the vast network of tunnels
that crisscross Necromunda 

The Martian Lightning collector is revered as a god amongst the eastern hive.
Its divinities as wrathful to those beneath it as benign to those above.

Its not only the noble lords upspire that live in gilded towers , many lesser clans rule small fiefdoms with feudal efficiency. Cross any one of these magnificently rich demagogues, and you will be hunted down without mercy.

Ancient archeotech atrophy in ignorance, amidst the sand shanties and long dead mines.

A vast cargo hauler , easily capable of carrying a dozen Titans, lands at one of many reinforced bays, ready to unload its exotic wares on the Hivers.

and an obligatory space/primaris marine  scale shot ;-)

Where's warlord Answers below.