8 Ages of darthur Wips ( including Canoness Veridyan Wips 6th age )

8 Ages of d'arthur wips

This project took around 6 months to complete.. the writing and the modeling were supposed to compliment each other.

 1st age

the easiest age by far, little writing and little modelling.. i scrapped the sister at the other side of the door in the final piece.

2nd age

 lots of modeling and writing for this age .. i was really proud of the writing and modeling , but struggled with the paintwork and photography.


 3rd age

this was the hardest to pose and photograph by far... five hundred shots were taken to find the best for  the final   picture. lighting was paramount and i tried to capture a filmic chiaroscuro noir effect.

the writing was fun and poetic..

4th age

Loved the modeling on this age ,shortening the bunker really worked imo, the paintwork ended up looking to shiny on the building for my tastes , but overall quite happy with the piece..

5th age

really enjoyed the blanchean free spirited chaos of modeling this age..  the paintwork on darthur turned out really well ,the structure not so much.. but the focus of this age was the narrative.. the longest fiction i have ever written .. i am most proud of the this. !


6th age

By far the hardest age to complete.. the modeling itself took 6 months to cast 50,000 skulls !

but on top of that the modelling , writing, painting , converting,posing and photography , let alone the blogging in correct sequence.. was a monumental undertaking .. by far far.. the biggest hobby thing i have ever done , hundreds of hours of work..

as an aside I also made the cannoness Veridyan  diorama  for this age.. ( i thought the pyramidden needed some humans for scale.. and they newly released cannoness was screaming to be used in something .. although i think it has legs enough to be its own thing..

I had two pyramiddens made .. but chose the easier smaller option for this 6th diorama age.. hopefully the other larger midden will get incorporated into something even grander :D

7th age.

after the massive task of the 6th age i wanted to do something small but with just as much narrative detail.
the solemn garden mausoleum was perfect.. the narrative was short and succinct  , and the painting and modelling was some of my best yet ..experimenting wit new techniques..i was particularly proud of the 40k writing lectern.

8th age 

the final age.. required something short and simple.. the paintwork and writing both reflected this. but the modeling was quite complex..  cast resin , and plaster  used extensively .


  1. just found this section of of your blog and wanted to sincerely thankyou for being so open with your artistic process. I cant express how humbling and inspiring this project was for me. thankyou!

  2. Hey matey, Thanks for the kind remarks , glad you liked the wips , I always enjoy seeing how other folk work .Thought it was worthwhile sharing these wips. Apologies for the delayed response .