Miniature Figurine projects 2010/2014

The Woodsman 2014

Hive Guild Master Spook Seller 2014

Pit Slave Colossus 2014

Guild Ticket servitor 2014

 Inquisitorial Servitor Scrivner 2014

Dog 2014

Cherubim 2014

Automaton sensory Mines & Cyberhound 2014

 The Miner 2014 2014

Lothar warrior Champion of Tzeentch

Clovis Champion of tzeentch Mage

Skaven Handstick poker

Shadow puppet Champion winged familiar

Tzeentch Rat Ogres

 Birdheaded Rat ogre

Magical Tzzeentch dwarves walking book familiar

Moonface rat ogre & moonface familiar

Skaven Flamer crossbreed

Tzaangor raven head - bird familiar

Scroll bearer

flamer familiar

 Realm of Chaos 25th anniversary Tzeentch Warband 2014

Confrontation Palatine Hive  tech gang  2013

 Arkke Re-tour Mauldy waarps 2013

 Arkke Walde Stymphalian harpies 2012

 The Illium Yggdrassillium Arrke Inhabitants 2012

 The Pandoricalle Yggdrassilliume Arrkke 2012

Ordo hereticus Inquisitor 2012

 The Famorian & Duke Louis Fournier - Adalaise Inq28 2012

 Inquisitor Vendrake & Retinue Inq28 2012

 Inquisitor Vendrake Inq28 2012

 Lucky 7's beastman orderly 2012

 Box on stick / priest on a pole 2012

Necromundan ash waste Pax Trooper & Ashwaste Nomad Merchant 2012

 Ash waste Arbite on lancer class Jet bike 2012

 Eversor Assassin 2011

Ogryn Cadian Lucky 7s 2011

Pimp My Wizard 2011

 C'tan 2011

 Rusty Ancient Chaos Marine Truescale 2011

 Venerable Arclight 2011

 Crippled Acteaon Riding Admech Metal Spinax 2011

 Valrick ( Champion of the Praxian Vulgus )

 Seif Narodnik (Psyker Outlaw ) 2011

 Artemis mistress of the Hounds 2011

Acteaon Master of the Hunt 2011

 Noble 9th Cavalry 2011

  Noble 9th infantry 2011
1st born sons of nobility officer training academy

 Antal Adalaise Heir apparent to Praxus 2010

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