Sunday, 28 October 2018

Suprise !

Aye up folk, been awhile...

2018 has been a year of change for me. It started with the wonderful Lesotho 212 game organised by the Sublimely talented Jonathan Heartman . I hadn't gamed for an age before this game - and I just about managed to come up with the goods at the last minute .  This game re-ignited my  hobby batteries and i dived headlong into Instagram Facebook and the colossal Rhossum secundus game, building huge architectural models and scenery is very much my thing and I loved the scope and challenge the game presented. Unfortunately  my mental health was not in the best shape and I bit off a little too much .. lack of funds and a return of the  " black dog "  combined with watching my household role as stay at home father dwindle to nowt as my kids became men and went off to uni or got jobs, pushed me into a deep melancholy. The game was another missed opportunity for me - like the pilgrim game. 

Sharing my hobby with the community over the past eight years has been the most wonderful and at times challenging things I have ever done . I have learned new skills and honed old ones .. it has enabled a man who chose to bring up his children over embracing a career in the arts to participate with some of the most artistic  folk in the industry - I have made many friends and earned back some self respect I thought I had lost.  Watching how some of my work may have influenced and inspired has been a tremendous source of validation for me.

My output and influence has reduced a great deal ..I now have a Job.. although unfortunately  not in the arts. But I still have some hobby plans to come to fruition.

Tim ( tears of Istvaan ) the linchpin of the Blanchitsu movement  invited me along to celebrate John Blanche's 70th birthday as a surprise meal  and game he had been organizing with friends and family in secret for almost a year. As a long time Blanche acolyte it felt rude not accept !

 Peter (PDH) wrote a wonderfully evocative introduction to the game

PDH getting a little too friendly with Me

John inspects a gift whilst Johan ( Jeff vader - convertorum )
and the former spikey rat pack now iron sleets Mikko and kari
expect starters

Mr Jes Goodwin alongside 3 time Slayer sword and crystal brush wielder JRN  
compare shaving techniques with Tim ( tears of Istvaan ) and Iron sleets Stefan green 
mechanicvm god ( FPOA)

 the obligatory Jes Goodwin fanboi shot 

The following day allowed a little time to take in some of the sites of Nottingham..

Architectural details and plaques stored for future hobby reference..

Antarctic Terra 666

Inquisitors lined up and gifts were brought to honour the Highlord

I used the above picture from the 3rd edition 40k rulebook as inspiration for the models i would make as my gaming pieces and votive offerings to John.

I really like the idea of monk/habbited tonsured cell dwelling administratum adepts within 40k
 its a theme that encapsulates 40k life succinctly.  

i started with one red priest and one white acolyte but the verdigris breastplate 
made a xmas theme a wasn't too fond of.


The Xanthite Conviction

The game game was short and deadly - As Highlord  Blaanc addressed attendees - a sinister union of eldar had influenced and turned longstanding members of the inquisition against the aged Inquistorial lord. As A solitare danced mcarbe - a cabal of nefarious renegades tried to summon demons and worse.. 



Mikkos strident red death in heels..forms a blaze of magenta alongside PDH's sinister inquisitrix

old faces re-emerge from the aether -- where art though Inquisitor  Velk... 

He always seems to be around when loyalist Inquisitors get sniped ! 

no smoke without fire ..

Maxine Corbeil stunning paintwork left me in awe and envy..

Stefans FPOA green mechanivum bring aborial votives for the Highlord 

The sculpt of Mr Blanche is rather uncanny  

 More old faces come out the shadows Rise of the magi's flaming Inquisitor illuminates
 the corners..

 karis' henchmenne get offed by the solitair early on.. no match for the  lighting fast xenos

 Henry Souths amazing Loyalists look for more eldritch after multy melting a  lone ranger

Jakob's ( JRN ) wonderful Eldar try and crash the party 

PDH looks up rules on his phone as
 John ( rise of the Magi ) Tim Mikko Johna Henry John Kari and stefan look on intently

from left to right
Maxime Tim Johan Mikko Henry John Kari & Stefan

The multi talented Maxime Corbeil also took some wonderfully evocative shots of the game..

The game ended with the highlord seeing off the unwanted Aeldarii and surviving the machinations of the Renegade cabal .. and just as well really !