Friday 25 September 2015

The White Forge ( part 2 )

 The marauding ambush had caught the covetous techpriests off guard. Their quarry slain or chased off by these techno barbarians: The Myrmidon ran the data and concluded  the Harrowhound to be a suitable specimen to recover in the absence of their primary objective.

Act 3 

The flayed man 

 Harrowhound awoke with a jolt, the grimwork trophies of the previous nights hunt were scattered about the dim bunkhouse, the room was silent apart from the sonorous  wheezing of his war party but something was amiss , the hairs on his trunk like neck stood on end as he saw a serpent silhouette  twist in the tracery of the Gothic windows. Seconds later the room fractured in fire, shrapnel exploded into the blood drenched slaughterhouse, injuring  the middenman in projectile revivification. 

 From his parapet vantage point Harrowhound spied the interloping enemies mustering around the cloistered ruins, he took the bloodredrobes as a sigil his patron intended these to be the true foe it had desired for him to flench and not the cowardly ratmen who proved no match for his Skinners.

The balefirebasket Middenman, keeper of the portal flame spies the skullserpent flanking the parapet.
A sinuous fight ensues , the servoskull attempting to paralyse its foe with hypodermic needlegun.
both combatants grasp and twist falling through the damaged roof and back into the slaughteroom.

The corpuscarii throws an explosive bolt towards the parapet , overthrowing 
a wheelback Skinner.,Ferrocrete steps breaking his fall.

  The automated sentry follows it heretical programming - unleashing a  barrage of bullets upon the tormented techpriest

 A cluster of feral servoskulls disturbed by the raucous gunfire spider into the skitarii leaching his lifeforce until a cruciform sniper knocks him of his heels.

the electro priest rushes to aid the downed ranger as the lowly capacitor clutching technoserf
moves to join the spiderlegged servoskull investigating the rear of the gothic walled courtyard 

The devils own luck besets the forlorn ranger : not content with falling off a roof , attacked by servo skulls then shot , the hexad skitarii is lashed by  prehensile sextuplets

A volley of automata shots pins the myrmidon to a ruptured water tank,
a stray shot venting a deadly ozone into the oxidized courtyard

throwing caution to the wind the voltaic monk unleashes a fork of lightning towards the malign cable roots. Absorbing their fill of motive force - the menacing mechadendrites slither back underfoot.

( first kill to the mechanical cohort )

A minor reprieve from the sentrygun onslaught allows the hulking technomat to bring the omnisiahs retribution to the wheelbacked luddite. splitting his disk and flesh asunder with a swing of its Axe.

Rounding a corner the spiderskull is faced with a spiderbot - a failed attempt to interface with the ancient machine causes it to step back jauntily - narrowly missing the paltry servoskull

A run of good fortune sees the middenman safely leap back out of the slaughterhouse , away from the serpentine servoskull ( although he landed on his gun and broke off the barrel ) 

Sprinting headlong into the unlucky ranger and the Valavonic bell operator the aethoric balefire keeper tumbled them to the ground, setting fire to both.

First John 2:10 “But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.”

( 2nd kill to the skinners )

Frustrated with the constant sniping form the rooftops - the Staticman moves into the slaughterhouse in hopes of ascending the ladder to confront the harrowhound and cruciforman.

unfortunately for him the murdering warpfiends see the blindman coming ..
lurking in the shadows the dreadful duo make light work of murder.

skinning the trophykill and lashing the skinlessman upon the crossedbackbeams

Clutching his acheotech capacitor the lone technoserf rounds the crumbling courtyard  
Auspex pinging towards a colossal servitor .

True to their name , the remaining skaven only reveal themselves when there is stuff to scavenge....

Looking down upon the fight from high above battlefield, the warpsmith engineered mutantii take aim..


  1. Lots of lovely shots there. I especially like the contrast between the board and the garden in the background!

    1. Cheers preacher - Yes the garden was stunning - I failed to take pictures of the scary wolf spiders that hung predatory in the foliage..

  2. Typically sneaky rattish behaviour! Only to be expected from those craven creatures!!

    1. Isn't it just ..
      I was kinda gutted that the skaven had been killed off - it was a pleasant surprise to see a couple return..

  3. Cool continuation. It makes me excited to begin playing my own skirmish games and documenting them. Looking forward to seeing how this story concludes.

  4. Wonderful. Those interior shots are chilling - the violence only half-glimpsed in shadow and slivers of light.

    I also really like the use of Skaven in this setting. Their anachronism within the universe is a nice counterpoint to standard play, and gives the whole session a feeling that anything is possible within the enjoyment of the game, and narrative sits as king over all.

  5. Cheers mate.. kind words.. my privilege as usual, I had to look up anachronism .. haha well put.. glad you enjoyed it ..

    The horrorhouse shots work quite well considering i broke the cardinal rule of photographing minis and used the flash ;-)

    yes anything and everything - like the gaming equivalent of a car boot sale.. haha

    will try and get the 3rd and final piece up today at some point.