Saturday 26 September 2015

The White Forge ( Part 3 )

Toll the Great Bell Once!
Pull the Lever forward to engage the
Piston and Pump...
Toll the Great Bell Twice!
With push of Button fire the Engine
And spark Turbine into life...
Toll the Great Bell Thrice!
Sing Praise to the
God of All Machines

Act 4

No sooner did the Electropriest die, his body gave a final polarity jolt - an arc of blue static haloed the convulsing corpse, vandalised voltomiimeter sparking spikes of currant into the ferrous floor..

The cuttermen worked quickly - they had skinned a thousand times - bone knives peeling at the flesh..
had they looked up from their grisly task they might have noticed  the electrified air.. a static charge built up ..slowly at first ..then faster until rapacious roots burst forth..

 Harrowhound leapt headlong through the Gothic window, whilst the laden crucifixer
struggled to exit the doorway


  The mechadendrites octopus around the warchief , 
a stranglehold of brute strength vs motive force.

 ( if looks could kill ) 

The lumbering Luddite crosses a vengeful look with the murderous myrmidon 

( 3rd kill to the skinners )

The Middenman is razed up, oblivious to the dying screams of the moribund metalmen of mars

Sensing the opportunity to steal victory  from their would be killers,
the lancet leering skaven snipe at the muilion middenman, 
temporarily dropping him alongside his victims.

Rood hexed by the crosseyed xcruxiate
The mercantile myrmidon is once again laid low.
Pinned beneath a shower of searing sentrygunshots

( Crunch ! 4th kill to the skinners )

Unable to correlate the ancient code, the spiderskull
detaches itself from the quadruped. Crushed seconds later by 
a cantilevered foot.

Libations concluded

The sacerdotal technoserf serves up the battery and watches
 the substantial sevitors brain pan fizzle back to life

 ( Gunfire rings off the ferrocrete )

As The cruciforman moves to investigate the Valvonic Bell ( to no avail )
his combustible companion attempts to find flesh to flay on the catatonic ranger

 ( Notoriously bad eyesight makes for poor snipers )

the Skaven grow frustrated with their lack of ballistic skill
bickering amongst themselves in high pitched squeaks,  
both failing to notice until far too late a pair of
 venomous predators

(Free at last )

Fighting of the the reticulated dendrites, Harrowhound bounds towards his final foe, 
Axe raised in bloody defiance , the muscledman hollers a war cry warning !

( Act 5 )

Leaping the gap to his enemy the Harrowhound strikes...

 Bronze meets bone and steel greets copper in equal measure..

 Like a pale shadow of the mighty warring warriors below , the recreant rodents attempt to fend off 
the viperous servoskull , a perfidious push sealing the fate of its friend yet allowing the 
disloyal dastard to disappear..

 Blood and Brass flesh to steel beat to beat Axe to Axe Fist to Flesnse..
The bellicose battlers barraged each other with a balanced bloodshed of blows  

paralleled in punishment , one and the same.

( Tech Heresy )

The Puritans from the tetherdrone finally arrive at the Unforged.
implacable in faith, the logicians unsuccessfully  open fire on the quadruped 
 logic dictating they apprehend the technoserf and his heretical skaven
contraband instead..

 # The blacksunisetting

( Kill 5 to the Skinners )

 Bored with trying to inspect the Valvonic Bell and finding no flesh worth flensing
on the charred skitarii the gruesome twosome head back to Harrohound

(6th kill the Skinners )

 A final push sees the Harrowhound overthrow his nemesis,
the crumpled technopriest can do nothing to prevent the Khornate Champion
taking his eyes the only flesh he could find.

A wave of euphoria is the last bioilogical thought that passes through the secutors cogitator..

Crux Mechanicus fleshisweak

Released from aeons of slumber and recalled back into servitude, the ancient sanitation device proceeds along a long forgotten program.. attempting to recycle the detritus of the forge ..

 Seeing the destruction of their only way off the forge the warpriding cultists 

grab their grim victory trophies and leap into the balefire portal with seconds to spare..

 Victory to the Skinners 

 (  Blood for the blood god skulls for the skull throne )

Thanks for reading folks really nice to be able to share these games with folk..

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Blanche and thistle the cat for hosting us ,and feeding us ;-) mm.. chocolate cake..

Huge thanks to John for building the board and and even huger thanks to PDH for doing such a sterling job of GMing .. ( seriously I didn't  add anything that he didn't do on the day - all those dice rolls and decisions were PDH's brand of off the cuff  40k lunacy -- i am just the quill recoding the events for posterity ;-)

 also forgot to mention thanks to PDH for supplying the wonderful npcs.. spiderskull pack mechadendrites and the ridiculously cool admech guys.. ( i was so happy with my admech guys until i saw PDH's on the table .. damn that man can paint !

the game was really lots of fun , and if the ending seems abrupt its because we stopped when the infamous British rain began to fall..

 Cheers Neil101



  1. And we all had curry and a natter to follow - thanks for a splendid day chaps ....

    1. Mmm.. curry.. The thanks belong to us .. really lovely day John.. cheers..

      just wish i took some photos of those lovely minis and paintings .. drat ! ;-)

  2. Looks like a great and fun game. With lots of action and well put together and painted figs. I wonder what the skaven will get up to now that they are no longer being hunted.

    1. Cheers Commissarmoody,

      Seeing the models in these pictures is so different from seeing them during gaming, I noticed hardly any of the details on john's models whilst playing..

      only now do I see the the pistol harrowhound used..

      as the skaven .. who knows..?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Tommy ,hearing stuff like makes the work feel worthwhile.. ;-)

  4. I always look forward to your write ups. This entertained and inspired, as usual.

    The Skinners and beautifully evocative.

    Thanks for sharing these outings.

  5. Oh, and let me mention how amazing that board is. So many details to study and learn from.


    1. The board made photographing the game an absolute joy.. the attnetion to detail is just brilliant.. i love those forge world boards..

      I really fancy making a necromunda board in a similar vain...

  6. mi favourite poem ever that one ...

    1. Do you know who wrote it.. sounds like something you might write..

  7. Best read and visual eye candy for a very long time. Good job guys! Encouraging to see outdoor garden gaming too :)

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks Stefan , I wish i got a photo of the spider as it landed on the skaven.. PDH had devised if the spider landed on any models they would have to roll to defend an attack - it landed up[on the skaven then during the epic boss fight it landed on Harrowhound.. ;-) what with the wolf spiders i the garden the spider attack on me( not really an attack to be fair .. more of a web dangling off my arm. ) the spiderskulls and the spiderbot.. this game could easily have had a different theme !

      garden gaming is not for wimps that is for sure.. koln cathedral next anyone ..?


  8. Yup koln cathedral is stunning - sat in front of it once with apple strudel and a local brew - and yup there was an almighty thunder storm - mi dad was there in 45 - looked a bit different after allied bombing - I think Alan m wrote those words as most .......

    1. I would love to game in a cathedral.. the vaulted ceilings kilometres up in 40k scale would be perfect for some serious photography.. although I think I would need to invest in a better camera..

      thought you meant Alan Moore for minute then.. ;-P

  9. Another epic game and superb write up! I'm not sure how you get time to play given how many pictures you take of the game!

    Don't get me wrong - the pictures are gorgeous and a wonderful way for us to get our fill of the great models and terrain (which we're unlikely to ever see in real life!) And as they say a picture is worth a thousand words!!

    Your battle reports are the let me get back to those pictures!!! :)

    1. Cheers George .. the positive feedback is appreciated ;-)

      I hope John uploads some pics of his study to Gothic punk at some point - old weapons and new minis side by side wonderfully evocative..

  10. Really lovely glossy red on your Admech there Neil. And the giant grimdark Roomba servitor looks badass too, I hadn't really appreciated the size of the thing. The scenery looks great and the report is nicely presented as always.

    My friend has a skaven Necromunda gang, there is something I really love about rat snipers scurrying around 40k ruins, it seems such a natural habitat for them.

    Count me in for some sacrilegious gothic cathedral gaming. Prague is the most gothic place I've been to.

  11. Aye up Jake, haha the roomba quote me laugh..

    skaven + 40k = ;-)

    never been to Prague, looks lovely though..

    I amde a formula for the red just in case i want to expand the mechs into a army thing..

    methiston red base
    bloodletter glaze
    baal red and daler rowney ink red shade

    windsor newton orange glaze

    windsor newton deep red shade

    and more newton orange highlights..

    i found that adding decals with water over windsor newton inks is a bad idea.. gloss begone!

  12. Wonderful write up! Games like this are what got me back into the hobby in the first place. Can't wait to see more!

  13. Thanks Eli .. waiting to see the spiky rats punkmoth game myself . ;-)

  14. Amazing! Thanks so much for documenting and sharing the game. Absolutely inspiring as always.

    1. Cheers Ww Glad you enjoyed it mate.. thanks for the positives..!

  15. Every post on this blog is a big thing! Three posts full of moody photos of beautiful minis and sceneries feels like a good movie you think about for days! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Aye up NicoG thanks for taking time to comment buddy...hope to see more of your grimdark grotesqueires at some point.. loving those mechadendrites you designed on your blog..

  17. This was awesome man. Very well put together. The terrain and models look bloody amazing !!!

    1. Thank You Mr Ork - the terrain and models were as inspiring as the company .

      Glad you enjoyed the game report ;-)

      I appreciate you taking time to comment .. cheers Neil